What type of prints am I buying?

The prints are digitally printed by me on a wide format Giclee-style inkjet printer (Epson Stylus Pro 7600) using Ultrachrome HDR pigmented inks. Some pictures are captured digitally on a high-resolution digital camera, others on traditional film and then scanned as digital files. See about section for more details.

How long are the prints expected to last?

All papers are acid-free insuring protection against premature decay of the print by the paper. The pigmented inks used (carbon and color) exceed museum quality standards of longevity and in fact, they exceed the print life of traditional silver-halide black and white RC prints and traditional color printing methods. The matte and backing are also acid-free. Each print can be expected to last 60-80 years or more without signs of image degradation when displayed under glass or away from direct sunlight and environmental pollutants. For further additional information visit:



Are prints returnable?

All prints and the original Certificate of Authenticity can be returned in their original packaging  for a period of 30 days following delivery date in original condition. Package must be insured for the original purchase price. Once received the full purchase price will be remitted.

If prints were damaged during shipping

If the print(s) arrive with apparent damage, please contact me immediately  via methods listed so that the carrier can be contacted to pick up the damaged goods. Please do not discard the original shipping material. A replacement print will be sent at no cost.

I still have a few more questions

Contact me for further questions or comments.